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How Online Cricket Betting Is On The Rise In Asia

Cricket is the most loveable sport in the world, after football. Cricket was invented in the late 16th century in England and it was brought to India by the British and became a very popular sport in the country. According to an investigation which was conducted by the ICC (International Cricket Council), there are over a billion cricket supporters in the world, and about 80% of that constitutes Indians! It is, therefore, safe to come to the end that cricket runs in the heart of Indians, and online cricket betting is on the rise in India.

After all, cricket is not the official national game of India, it has the advantage of a gigantic following. The introduction of shorter formats and the T20 matches added more to the prominence of cricket in India. Since the introduction of the T20 in India, the country’s premier league has become the most followed T20 league in the whole world and so many trades have emerged as a result, for both players and fans identical.

Online cricket betting has been there for a while but the T20 leagues like the Indian premier league and Big Bash League have made the betting a yearlong affair since matches are played throughout the year. With the internet connection and smartphones easily accessible in India, it resulted in huge betting opportunities not only in India but across the world. Since the Indian premier league is among the most popular championship to bet on, a big number of punters, therefore, place their bets on Indian premier league matches.

It is therefore penetrable when popular the best cricket betting sites offer special welcome offer bonuses for their Asian customers. They also have merits odds on online cricket betting id providers for Indian premier league matches and have many wonderful cricket-related promotional offers for the Indian niche as captured on this site. However, the government’s stand on gambling in India is very deterrent. It has in fact confirmed most forms of gambling and betting deterrents, but there is a grey area when it comes to online betting. The only legal betting permitted in the country is horse betting, but lately, there have been numerous demands to legalize other sports including cricket.

In due course of this article, you will find all there is need on how online cricket betting has been on the rise in India, how to choose a Best Cricket Betting ID Provider, the gambling legislation in India,

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