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What is the betting process, Teen Patti
Mainly the betting starts with the player to the left of the banian and starts with players taking turns in clockwise around the table, for as many circuits as are required. Each player in flexion can either put an extra bet into the pot to stay in, or pay nothing further and fold. When folding you constantly drop out of the betting and renunciation any money you have put into the pot during the deal.

The money that you have to put in at your turn in order to remain in the game hangs on the "current stake", and whether you are playing blind or seen. Seen players have to wager twice but blind players to stay in. At the start of the betting the current pole is one unit.

If you are a blind player and interested to play blind, you must put in at least the current pole and not more than twice the current pole. The current pole for the next player is then the money that you put in.

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If you are a seen player you must wager at least twice the current pole and not more than four times the current pole. The current stake for the next player becomes half the amount that you wager.

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If you are a blind player, you may choose to look at your cards when your turn comes to wager. You then become a seen player and from that flexion onwards you must wager at least twice the current pole.

The betting will continue in this condition until one of the following things happens:

Everyone except one player has folded. In that case, the last relict player wins all the amount in the pot, categorical of the cards held. Everyone except two players has folded and one of these players at their turn pays for a show the card. In that case, the cards of both players are exposed in front of each other and compared.

The rules for a show of the cards are as follows:

A show cannot happen until all but two players have moved out. If you are a blind player and love to play blind, the cost of a show is the current pole, paid into the pot, categorical of whether the other player is blind or seen. You do not have to look at your own cards until after you have paid for the show.

If you are a seen player and the other player is blind, you are not allowed to ask to show. The seen player can only continue betting or move out.
If both players are seen, either player in turn may pay twice the current pole for a show.
In a show, both players' cards are exposed to each other, and the player whose hand is higher ranking wins the game. If the hands are equal, the player who did not pay for the show wins the game.

If all the players are seen, then at your turn, instantly after betting the minimum money, you can ask the player who bet instantly before you for a compromise, also known as a sideshow. The player before can accept or refuse the compromise of the game.

If the compromise is accepted by both parties, the two players involved privately compare their cards privately, and the player with the lower-ranking cards must instantly fold. If they are equal, the player who asked for the compromise must fold the card.

If the compromise is refused by both parties, the betting continues as usual with the player after the one who asked for the compromise in the game.
Example. Players A, B, C & D are playing the teen patti game. They all put 1 unit on the table and D deals. Player A has decided to play blind and puts one more unit into the pot. Player B sees his cards and decided to fold them. Player C plays blind and decided to bet one unit. Player D looks at his cards and puts in two units; the current pole remains at one unit. Player A raises the pole by putting in two units. Player C looks at his cards and folds the card. Player D puts in four units. Player A decides to look at his cards, and having done so he puts in four units and asks for a show of the cards. Player D shows his cards and the winner takes all amount from the pot.

Note that the betting process of this game is entirely different from Poker betting. There is no concept of equalizing the wager, and a showdown is not possible with more than two players in the game.

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